Brandi L. Holder

About Me

I left multi-family management to pursue the passion I have for problem-solving and helping others find the strength and resources to improve their lives.

What you should know about my public policy goals:

Working as a freelance writer while pursuing my master’s degree allowed me to seek volunteer projects to help shore up the gaps in my education. Projects such as designing a program evaluation tool, small business counseling, and working in rural southeast Missouri with USDA RD and MU Extension programs have been invaluable to my education.

The culmination of my experiences both in my professional career and my education have given rise to the desire to approach poverty in an interdisciplinary fashion; a fashion that attempts to unwind poverty by increasing access to community assets such as affordable housing, transportation, job centers, and quality education. Change the rules, change the game.

What you should know about my business goals:

I enjoy tackling problematic situations and even more, I like teaching people who want to level-up. I will take the challenges of leadership all day, any day, but not management, because it often lacks creative control.

I love the process of discovery that comes from researching your brand – it helps me develop content that is spot-on regarding tone and audience. Seeing your name on the byline and knowing I helped your business get there is one of the joys of my career.

A typical day for me includes social media and public policy related blog posts for an affordable housing nonprofit, content development for real estate, startups, and tech-powered companies, industry education, monitoring PR for clients, and petting the office dogs. Oh, and lots of coffee and chemical-free foods!