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Edible Education

Edible Education rolls out in Fortuna California



Edible Education of Richmond Virginia Launches first Affiliate in Northern California

Richmond, VA – For most people spinning your wheels is not a good thing. However, for Ann Butler, CEO and Founder of Edible Education, spinning her wheels means food, education, and fun.

Butler’s flagship product, The Kitchen a la cart™ is a fully equipped mobile cooking station that is used to teach elementary school students about healthy food. Edible Education classes are taught by school teachers or by Butler’s talented team of chefs. However, with carts in classrooms across 30 states, and increasing demand, one location can only reach so far.

To further their reach, Edible Education is expanding efforts and launching an affiliate site in Fortuna, California. Registered Dietician Hough and Chef Blakemore completed the training with Butler last month in San Diego. As newly trained Edible Educators, Hough and Blakemore will be the first to operate the Edible Education curriculum outside the Richmond headquarters.

Hough and Blakemore enjoy food and realize how important proper nutrition is in health and disease prevention.  Hough spent several years as a Public Health Nutritionist, noticing that more and more people are relying on prepacked/processed foods, often because they lacked cooking skills. As a Culinary Arts instructor, Blakemore saw much of the same thing.

Hough and Blakemore agree with Butler, that “Empowering kids with the culinary skills necessary to create simple, real food recipes enables them to value and appreciate what goes into their bodies – setting them up for a lifetime of success.”

The northern California location will officially start offering cooking classes and nutrition education to Fortuna area elementary schools this month.

The new affiliate will help Edible Education explore new areas and extend the reach of their chefs to educate children and families about nutrition.  Butler expressed enthusiasm about the new Edible Educators stating “we are thrilled to have Fortuna California on board. As we increase our reach through a network of affiliates, we inch closer to an Edible Education trained chef in every elementary school across the United States.”

While the Edible Education curriculum is always continuing to evolve, Butler is excited at the prospect of regional taste preference feedback from Hough and Blakemore that may influence new recipes for students across the country.

There are additional potential affiliates in Chicago and Long Beach.

About Edible Education

Edible Education’s mission is to Teach our Nation’s Kids to Cook Real Food and to Help Classroom Teachers, Backyard Chefs, and Parents everywhere to become Edible Educators! We reach children through classrooms, after-school programs, and summer camps.

Edible Education chefs are not doctors or gourmet chefs. We use common kitchen equipment via the Kitchen a la cart™ mixed with fun and a passion for eating healthy food with one goal in mind: introduce students (and their families) to home-cooked meals. Edible Education focuses on hands-on learning about fresh, colorful, seasonal food, prepared in a meaningful way; a way that requires us to spend time with our families and enjoy one of life’s greatest pleasures.

The Kitchen a la cart™ is the first interactive, mobile culinary cart loaded with everything needed to make it fun and easy for students to develop math, reading, and team building skills via food preparation.  Our companion curriculum contains nutrition facts as well as appropriately scaled, easy to follow, teacher guided recipes.  The recipes show the importance of smart food choices, teamwork and following a sequential order via cooking. These lessons are critical to helping the next generation lead healthy, productive lives. The kitchen contains a kid-safe burner, hot and cold running water, oven, blender, food processor, and all the necessary equipment needed to prepare and cook full meals and snacks.


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