Poetry in Motion

Anyone that really knows me, knows I love to dance. My little sister grew up with this knowledge, but posed an interesting question in one of our chats: Have you had moments while dancing that have taught you lessons about life? What does dancing do for you?

What’s weird is that I don’t know if I have a passion for dance. I know that I love it. I know that every time I return to dance from a long hiatus I ask myself why I quit. But I think what I really love about dance is music. There are some songs out there that almost feel like they move my soul to dance (geez almighty I know that sounds cheesy as hell). But for me, music is like rhythmic poetry. I find it achingly beautiful that someone can pour their heart and soul, tears and rage onto paper and expose that raw vulnerability to the world.

I think music is the single most unifying thing we have in this world. No matter what culture you look at, they have their own form of song and dance. You can see also this form of social bonding by watching a close sports team or group – you will notice that they have a dance or chant that is all their own.

Dance pushes me hard out of my comfort zone. It requires me to shut my brain off and give my body over to the music. I like where I go when I create. It’s like a journal entry in the air.

There is such a sense of satisfaction to connect movement to beat and to give a different life to another person’s work.  And no two people will make the same exact interpretation.

Lessons I have learned with dance are to push harder, through pain and exhaustion. To practice it again, and again, and again. And then one more time when you think you are done. I’ve also learned that you are going to mess up when people are watching – what matters is how you handle that disruption in your mind.

Dance creates a sense of fun, confidence, and poise. It also gives me a chance to empower other women and teach them how to find confidence in their own bodies. I spend a lot of time teaching proper posture – holding the shoulders back and not slumping over.

The culture we have created of body shaming has taught many women to hide their breasts or look down while they walk. I teach women how to own their space, learning to dance is a byproduct of that.

It’s all about work/life balance and finding that thing that recharges your batteries. What does it for you? Drop me a comment 👇 

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