Refer Friends, Get Paid

June 2019 referral program goodies: gift cards, discounts, and RATE LOCK.

Do you know someone that could benefit from professional writing services?  Send them my way.  It’s a win win win!  I get to do that thing I love to do, your friend enjoys the benefits of artisan content for their websites, blogs, and media placements and you, my friend, get paid.

Here’s the deal –> for each referral that generates business in the form of a media placement package, set of articles, or full website copy you will receive a $25 gift card ($75 if you are an active client).  The person you refer gets a 10% discount on their first invoice, plus the benefit of RATE LOCK for ongoing work.  Want to refer yourself?  You get a 15% discount on your first invoice and become eligible for rate lock.

Rate lock is my favorite way of saying thank you to my active clients* for repeat business.  My clients have come to know that I am a never stop learning kind of gal.  I am continually picking up new skills, new technology, and new ways of helping my people shine in the marketplace.  As a thank you for the trust they place in me to know the intimate details of their business and their goals, I deliver all this added value without asking them to pay more just because a new year rolls over on the calendar.

Learn more about me, or send me an email to get started today!



Program Rules:

You will receive your gift card within 30 days of the referred client’s project completion and invoice reconciliation.

This program is open to U.S. based clients and businesses.

I reserve the right to cancel, suspend, and/or modify this referral program if fraud or other factors beyond my control impairs the integrity or proper function of the program as determined by my sole discretion.

Discounts and gift cards are non-transferable.

I may change or modify these rules or terminate this program at any time without prior notice.

All decisions made by me about program rewards and discounts and the interpretation of program rules are final.  All participants are deemed to have read and understood the rules of the referral program.

*Rate lock applies to clients with no more than 45 days between completed projects.


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