Guest Post: 5 Biggest Mistakes You’re Making with the Software You Use

One really fun thing about my work is that I never know what I am going to be writing about in a given week. It could be affordable housing policy briefs, real estate bios, construction workforce culture, or some form of a technical write up.

Most of the work I do is covered by non-disclosure agreements, so I don’t get to share many of the exciting things I create. However, last month one of the tech companies I worked with allowed me to publish under my name, so I thought I would share it with you!

Check out my post on The Five Biggest Mistakes You are Making with the Software You Use to learn more about the importance of investing in your technology, and please share it if you like it!

About Codefi Labs:

Whether you’re looking to build an application from scratch, upgrade an existing system, or you are searching for ways to innovate, we are a team that combines entrepreneurs and technical talent to help you scale your company.

We can build custom solutions for startups or established companies, whether you have a new idea or want to update your old technology. At Codefi Labs, when we take on a project we manage the process with Agile and customer development methodologies, just like we would do with our own companies. When you trust us to create solutions for your business, you can be sure we will treat your project as if we have skin in the game.  Because we do. Your success is our motivation.

Codefi Labs
Custom Software | UX/UI Design | Business Model Innovation | Web Development

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