How’s that New Year’s Resolution going?

What the what… it’s July why are we talking about resolutions you say?

Well, we are more than halfway through the year, so why not?  There always seems to be a lot of chatter about the idea of making new changes at the first of the year, and then that idea goes dormant until after Thanksgiving, where we really ramp things up again, generally because our pants don’t fit.

While I don’t believe in making New Year’s resolutions, I do believe in goal setting.  I do that often throughout the year when I want to make significant changes or measure some outcome.  At the last quarter of the year, I update my goals for the coming year and propose new ones.  My list looks a little something like this:

Goals for 2019
Complain less
Say I love you every day
Listen without the intent to respond
Stop making careless mistakes
Connect people with people and with information
Create a healthy relationship with food and with my body
Work = figure it out!

As you can see, my goal setting is nothing fancy, and it covers many areas of my life.  I use my time here to go back and update my progress on the previous years and to make prompts for the coming year.  Then I revisit this list at some infrequent interval (like today!) to see if I am making any progress or if I have forgotten something entirely- like listening without the intent to respond.  That one is a challenge for me, in revisiting it today I am reminded why I think it is essential and that I have more work to do in this arena.

This is kind of a master list that helps me develop smaller, more actionable goals along the way.  For instance, with work, I put “figure it out,” to encompass the challenge of making money while caring for a cancer patient, kicking around a book idea, developing a course, and changing my business model.  Off of this one broad goal, I set mini-goals along the way to challenge me to find better ways.

An example is marketing- I set a goal to post every day (uh fail…) so that I can engage with, and build an audience.  While I am currently failing at the goal of posting new content every day, I do log on to my social networks most days and at least interact with someone else’s content.  This small act spun from a larger goal has done wonders for increasing my confidence in interacting with strangers, ushering in fresh ideas, and helping me find my people.

So now I ask you, are you a make a resolution and forget it kind of person? Or do you do some type of goal setting throughout the year?  What’s working for you?



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