5 Ways to Make it Rain Content with Audio Files

In a perfect world, all of our websites, social platforms, and marketing campaigns would be buzzing happily along full of content and follower interactions.

But the reality is that you have a business to run, and it keeps you damn busy!  Guess what happens to those writing tasks… you think, “I’ll write that post tomorrow.”  And then tomorrow that post until it slips off the to-do list and into the abyss of forgotten tasks.

But you do need that content to keep your followers engaged. Rather than cranking out generic content that is an utter waste of resources, you need to spend time crafting meaningful content.  The good news is that you don’t have to create brand new content every day!

I’m not talking about recycling old posts (but you should be going back and checking for outdated info and links). What I am talking about is a simple way to create more written content from audio files.  If you haven’t made the jump to video content, don’t fret, there are SO many opportunities to capture audio that you can turn into written content! Here are five examples:

  1. Speaking Engagements
    As business leaders, we are asked to participate in a myriad of speaking engagements from board presentations to chamber of commerce events, to career days. Recording these events can provide material for articles to explain your thoughts on how your solutions impact customers, or to get people excited about the future possibilities in your industry.
  2. Webinars
    Let’s be real, webinars are notoriously dull.  However, they offer an excellent opportunity to create some posts around an idea that was not well understood during the presentation. These may take the form of a thought leadership article for your LinkedIn audience, or a list of FAQs to share in your internal newsletter, slack channel, or as a CEO memo.
  3. In-house Training Events
    When you bring a speaker in to host a training session for your people, this can be repurposed as part of a company eBook, or articles about your company’s push to stay on the cutting edge of technology and trends in the industry.
  4. Conversations Between Company Leadership 
    These are gems for turning your words into gold! Recording conversations about leadership, training, direction, or general cheerleader conversations can be used to create thought leadership articles, or articles about your excellent training culture to share on your blog or social media.
  5. Conference Presentations
    Recorded audio from your conference presentations is perfect for long-form content for your blog or LinkedIn page to discuss how your company solves a customer dilemma or pain point.

As you can see, there are so many ways to develop useful content from things you are already doing! This can all be captured in an audio file by a member of your team, or on your own phone, and then sent to someone who can turn that transcript into content for your blog posts, long-form content, or teasers for your social media posts.

This is a great way to keep the content wheel turning and ensure you have genuinely branded content ready to share with all your adoring fans!

Have you used audio to create written content? I’d love to hear more about your process and results!


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