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The Fish Rots From the Head

Crappy service is the owner’s fault. Not the employees, not even the manager.  Attitude and approach are built into an organization from the top.  It’s the culture, buy-in, and decisions about who has real power within an organization.   These decisions influence hiring, onboarding, and training.

The actions we take and the feelings we have about employees and customers will manifest.  An owner that isn’t invested in her people is setting the joint up for failure.

Want a better bottom line? Decrease your reliance on giveaways and sales, and increase the capacity of your frontline employees.  Educate them on how they impact the budget- working through a budget variance report is a great way to do this.  Provide employees with a plan for growth in the company, and most of all, give them the tools to solve customer needs on the fly.

Increasing accountability and responsibility through education improves morale, leads to better customer experiences, and translates to growth for your organization.

If these are things you don’t believe in, then why would your employees believe in you?

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