What Lights You Up at Work?

What special things light you up about your business?

I mostly dwell in the solo activities of writing and looking stuff up.  (Which I love by the way!) But the other 40% of my job requires me to interview strangers, write about the intimate details of their business, edit their work, and coach communication strategy.  When I do get to interact with my clients, and I hear things like (business brag alert!):

“You nailed our brand voice.”

“Thank you for ruthlessly editing my paper, this is exactly what I was looking for.”

“You are worth every penny.”

Comments like these from my clients are what absolutely lights me up about the work I do.  When I hear things like this, I feel like what my clients are really saying is that they didn’t know if the problem was solvable, and I made life easier by handling a thing for them.

This is what content creators do. And this is why we are not cheap.  In all these instances, I had to take a jumbled list of thoughts and put myself into the shoes of the executive or founder I was working with.  I looked through their eyes to figure out how to explain the message in a way that advances the goals of the organization (usually by bringing clarity to how they solve a pain point).  And then I had to step out of that persona and into the shoes of the audience to see how they would receive that message.  The real magic happens in the middle, where I work to undo the complexity of the message and make it accessible. Clicking those pieces in the puzzle is what I live for in my work.

So what is YOUR thing?  What is that thing that lights you up?  Do you spend enough time cultivating what it is that makes you feel good about your work? I think that is essential when you run a business.

Doing something as simple as making a list of what you love about your work, or collecting a few clients notes to post on your workspace can serve as a reminder during difficult times.  If you have been in business very long, you know there are times you struggle, and times you want to walk away! Reminding yourself of why you do what you do, and what you love about it, will help you get through those crappy times.

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