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Where you been, girlfriend?

I love writing, and yet I have been absent from the task for a couple of months.  Honestly, I feel like I am in a cavernous creative rut these days.  I think it’s just because I have been so busy.

So many things have been going on. My husband started radiation in addition to chemo, and it has been kicking his ass.  It’s hard to watch such a vibrant human get winded from something as simple as loading a laundry basket.

I’m just going to lay it all out there – it sucks.  Some days are good; those days, you’re looking at the long game, feeling blessed for the past and hopeful for the future.  But other days, you are crying in the corner of the waiting room amongst the spider plants, and cheap tissues because you don’t know if your person is ever coming back.  And then he says something hysterical because that is the part of his soul left untouched by tumors and the poisons used to treat them.  I am thankful that he has maintained his sense of humor.  It definitely keeps both of us going through some pretty dark times.

But listen, this is not all sepia-toned sadness.  The other big part of what has been keeping me so busy is the *HUGE* contract I landed at the end of September.  When I say huge, I don’t just mean money.  It’s got that perfect mix of responsibilities, flexibility, great people, and preparation for bigger things.  When added to my current roster of clients, it’s the kind of contract that enables me to focus on two things: my work and spending time with the people that matter.  It’s really a big win for my family since my husband has not been able to return to work since his surgery.  But more importantly, it’s a win for me personally and professionally.

You see, I set some pretty lofty goals for myself this year.  They were so insanely lofty that even my husband, who is my biggest cheerleader, gave me the ol’ side eye and said that maybe I was shooting for the moon in a galaxy far far away.  And while I didn’t land in another galaxy, I did reach 80% of my goals in the four months since I set them.  And I’m not done.

This is usually where those business coaches jump in and say things like “steal my formula for overnight success” or “how you can get to 6 figures in your first year.” I’m here to tell you that’s all bs.

You want to achieve something insanely lofty? Be prepared for when it comes along.  This means putting your head down and doing the work, making the connections, educating yourself relentlessly, writing down your goals, and saying them out loud EVERY SINGLE DAY.

From outside appearances, it would be easy to give credence to the overnight success banner.  However, the reality is that these last four months are only the tip of the iceberg for how long I’ve been preparing for success in my career.  My ability to be ready for big exciting projects has been in the making for at least five years.  That’s the part no one talks about, because it’s not sexy.

Goals are dreams we provide motion to.

It’s ok if you pick something that sounds impossible to achieve.  One day you’ll be ready, and the impossible will be within reach.


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