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I Love Money

Do you love money too?

I recently watched an interview where Marie Forleo interviewed soccer legend, Abby Wambach, about her new book, Wolfpack. Here is the post that links to the video–it is a great interview! 

While I really enjoyed learning more about Wambach and what led to her book, the thing that struck me most was the conversation they had around why it’s OK to love money.

An important thing Wambach says in the interview is, “thank you. And..” It is a reminder to us all that we don’t need to stop at gratitude.  We should think bigger about our legacy, for our needs as we grow older, and the needs of the people we are leading.  And sometimes that means we demand more of those dollars.

Loving money doesn’t make you materialistic or a gold digger – though we sure love to throw those words around, especially at women.  You can love money and not be any of those things.

In my line of work, I love helping CEOs and showing them how to bring their message to light. My best days are the days I know I make my people look good.  But I also don’t feel bad for loving money. Or working toward a life where I create financial freedom.

Money is how we secure our future, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to make plenty of it. Your money creates financial freedom in your retirement years or protects you as you navigate illness or some other unexpected thing.

Loving money means respecting it.  And putting it to service.

The money you make is the money you get to spend where you want to spend it. You get to put those dollars in service of the organizations and people you care about. Money is how we build up our future safety net or take care of our family.  Or how we bring other business owners up with us as we rise. For me, that is the best part – putting those dollars in service to secure my future and help others on the come up.

What do you think? Are you proud to say you love money?



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