Video Marketing – just do it!

Video marketing – ugh, one more thing to learn, right? In my line of work, I find that many people push back on video. Let’s be real; if you are new to video marketing, it can be intimidating. Everybody feels weird about the sound of their voice and the way they look on camera. Plus it kinda feels like you are talking to yourself. My advice? Don’t overthink it.

Here is the tip I shared in Forbes:

Press record! It can be easy to wait for the perfect moment or to spend tons of time crafting the message. When you do this, it is easy for this task to get pushed aside. Turn the camera on and speak from the heart. Your audience will forgive you for a less than perfect video, and it will get easier the more you do.

The more quickly you move past the fear of something new, the more quickly all of your platforms will get a major boost. And by the third video, you’ll be calling to thank me 🙂

You can read the post in full here >>
14 Tips for Businesses Looking to Ramp Up Their Video Marketing Efforts

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