Forbes Council Post: Building Effective Communication In Remote Teams

Working from home sounds like a blessing —  until it’s not, right? At first blush, it sounds great… roll out of bed and sit in PJs all day. Or do a load of laundry between calls. No more annoying run ins with that chatty co-worker, or making small talk while you refill the empty coffee pot AGAIN. But in practice, there are many challenges. Just carving out an appropriate space or having a good internet connection is at the top. Then add in things like household noise and your ability to focus outside of the office structure, and you’ve got a serious recipe for disaster.

I have been working at home for the last five years. In that time, I babied a fledgling business, worked while going to school and among a major household renovation, and worked from home and hospital while taking care of my late husband. Now add to that list — work from home during a pandemic.

So for me, the stay-at-home order was less challenging. I had already figured out all the wrong ways to get work done! To find success, I had to develop proper discipline and focus. I also quickly recognized and adjusted to how different communication is when you are not in person.

My public safety client, NGA 911, is an organization built to work remotely. We take pride in agility, transparency, and putting people first in everything we do. Those values require a lot of meaningful checkpoints. So how do we do that with a workforce spread out across the globe? We rely on three foundational elements that make up and reinforce our people-first culture.

Read more on Forbes >> Council Post: Three Ways To Build Effective Communication In Remote Teams (

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