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Topics in Nonprofit Management: Strategic Communication

Communication is the crux of all interaction. Improper or inept communication in media relations, government networking or ethics, for example, would be disastrous. Communication is the baseline equalizer in all things leadership must engage in to advance the nonprofit forward in the ever changing landscape. Without proper message formulation the

Federal Housing Policy

Federal housing policies have existed since the 1930s. Citizen support for federal housing policies evokes a range of emotions from ambivalence to violent opposition. A recent decision by Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is no exception. The ruling, Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH), is designed to deconstruct current housing policy

Policy Analysis: Student Debt

According to some economists, scholars, and researchers, the future of national student debt burden is bleak. As the number of students attending college increases so too does the debt they incur.

Sample Market Research

12/19/16 Brief: We are in search of someone to find everything they can in the trash valet industry for multi-family housing units. The following contains proprietary info that has been blacked out.  This is 3 hours of niche research. See document here: sample-market-research    

Uber: Improvements in Revenue and Service

Creative Brief: The client was looking for a short analysis and research piece on Uber revenue and service models.   The Uber story started much like any other start-up story.  Founders Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp needed something; they needed a ride specifically.  After experiencing difficulty hailing a cab one

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