Category: creative writing

There is freedom in being comfortable with the truth of who you are.

Words matter.  Using hateful words like fat, ugly, or stupid to describe yourself, even in your head, becomes the energy you send out to the world. It’s time to stop being at war with yourself.

Laughter in the Empty House

I meander around the empty house, confined by the vows of my life sentence. I eat, but I am still hungry. I sleep, but I am still tired. The emptiness cloaks me like the familiarity of a favorite blanket. As I pass through the hallway to retrieve more wine from

At a Stone’s Throw

The wedding is over. The pictures are done. We are enjoying a toast to the happy couple in the middle of a glorious old bridge that stretches the harbor in the warehouse district. The clouds have begun to roll across the sky, obliterating any chance of starlight this evening. Turning

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