Tag: art

Lost & Found & Lost

I lost my husband to the complications of cancer this month. I have known this day was coming for 18 months, I just wasn’t quite prepared for it to happen now. I have so many lovely people in my network reaching out to help with food, wine, flowers, virtual hugs,

Push Notification

Click my buttons Like my post Do you know I wait for it? Electrifying notification Like that night long ago Do you remember? Flush with anticipation Three seats down Separated by new loves Our eyes meet From that place you were looking That grin threatens to spark the flash pan

Poetry in Motion

Anyone that really knows me, knows I love to dance. My little sister grew up with this knowledge, but posed an interesting question in one of our chats: Have you had moments while dancing that have taught you lessons about life? What does dancing do for you? What’s weird is

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