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*Company Secret*

I didn’t set out to be a copywriter or a ghostwriter. I actually had set my sights on public policy analysis for the federal government. Housing and Urban Development, specifically. However, when 45 took office, he froze federal hiring, and that effectively shut me out of a special qualification period

Public Land as an Affordable Housing Resource

As written for Alliance for Housing Solutions 7/26/17 A recent study by Enterprise Community Partners points to public land as an underutilized affordable housing resource, especially in high-cost housing markets. The use of publicly owned land can provide an edge to nonprofit developers to acquire resources that are traditionally cost

Why Use an AD When a Case Study Works Better?

The beauty of using a case study is that it packages your services or products in a way that doesn’t have the traditional sales feel. A case study allows you to tell a story about how your company can solve problems. These work great for all types of organizations especially


Nonprofit Strategic Planning

Managing a nonprofit organization is a complex series of tasks that involves multiple bottom lines, various sources of revenue, and a multitude of people. Leadership must be able to keep a clear vision of the current underpinnings of the organization with an eye always on the horizon for new problems

Federal Housing Policy

Federal housing policies have existed since the 1930s. Citizen support for federal housing policies evokes a range of emotions from ambivalence to violent opposition. A recent decision by Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is no exception. The ruling, Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH), is designed to deconstruct current housing policy

Policy Analysis: Student Debt

According to some economists, scholars, and researchers, the future of national student debt burden is bleak. As the number of students attending college increases so too does the debt they incur.

What Does Your Budget Say About Your Organization?

This paper will examine the budget and fiscal policy of the Cape Girardeau County Extension using trends in budget formation and execution between FY 2015 and FY 2016. Recommendations for further action will be provided, based on the information collected in this paper.

Research on USAID Partnerships & Outcomes

The following documents are samples of research that an organization requested in preparation for a report.  Each document shows approximately one hour of deep research on the requested partnership. georgian-hazelnuts mtv-exit youth-business-leadership For assistance with your next research project contact me today!

Program Evaluation Tool

While obtaining my Master’s in Public Administration, I had the pleasure of taking on a project for a local non-profit.  The Executive Director was tasked with creating a program evaluation tool for the board to use for annual summative assessment purposes. I created a simple spreadsheet for the board to

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