Tag: lovers

In the night

Come to me in the night, luv. Perch above my naked heart. Let me see your tender eyes in the still air and the hazy moonlight. Come to me in the night, luv. Your arm under my pillow, where you may take my hand, but steal my heart. Come to

Push Notification

Click my buttons Like my post Do you know I wait for it? Electrifying notification Like that night long ago Do you remember? Flush with anticipation Three seats down Separated by new loves Our eyes meet From that place you were looking That grin threatens to spark the flash pan

At a Stone’s Throw

The wedding is over. The pictures are done. We are enjoying a toast to the happy couple in the middle of a glorious old bridge that stretches the harbor in the warehouse district. The clouds have begun to roll across the sky, obliterating any chance of starlight this evening. Turning

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