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Topics in Nonprofit Management: Strategic Communication

Communication is the crux of all interaction. Improper or inept communication in media relations, government networking or ethics, for example, would be disastrous. Communication is the baseline equalizer in all things leadership must engage in to advance the nonprofit forward in the ever changing landscape. Without proper message formulation the

What Does Your Budget Say About Your Organization?

This paper will examine the budget and fiscal policy of the Cape Girardeau County Extension using trends in budget formation and execution between FY 2015 and FY 2016. Recommendations for further action will be provided, based on the information collected in this paper.

Program Evaluation Tool

While obtaining my Master’s in Public Administration, I had the pleasure of taking on a project for a local non-profit.  The Executive Director was tasked with creating a program evaluation tool for the board to use for annual summative assessment purposes. I created a simple spreadsheet for the board to

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