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Research on USAID Partnerships & Outcomes

The following documents are samples of research that an organization requested in preparation for a report.  Each document shows approximately one hour of deep research on the requested partnership. georgian-hazelnuts mtv-exit youth-business-leadership For assistance with your next research project contact me today!

Program Evaluation Tool

While obtaining my Master’s in Public Administration, I had the pleasure of taking on a project for a local non-profit.  The Executive Director was tasked with creating a program evaluation tool for the board to use for annual summative assessment purposes. I created a simple spreadsheet for the board to

Sample Market Research

12/19/16 Brief: We are in search of someone to find everything they can in the trash valet industry for multi-family housing units. The following contains proprietary info that has been blacked out.  This is 3 hours of niche research. See document here: sample-market-research    

Uber: Improvements in Revenue and Service

Creative Brief: The client was looking for a short analysis and research piece on Uber revenue and service models.   The Uber story started much like any other start-up story.  Founders Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp needed something; they needed a ride specifically.  After experiencing difficulty hailing a cab one

Strategic Content & Marketing

Good content can be expensive. But not nearly as expensive as losing customers over poorly written or paltry content.  At my core, I am a writer.  With that comes pride in discovering ways to engage your audience and the strength to speak up about how to best channel your efforts.

small business

The SBA: Big Brother or Nurturing Mother? A Tale of Two Policy Narratives

Like many policies, the Small Business Act of 1953 did not happen overnight. It is the product of many forces both external and internal to federal government. These forces come in the form of lobby groups, media, agendas of elected officials, changes in the philosophy of the Presidential Administration, budgets

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